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arek renegade
arek renegade
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Everything is like a music box.
The same melody over and over ...

So it is booming: wake up, walk to work,
Chords, overtime! Without ZUS, no free Saturdays!
Closed circuit, the peasants of all ages!
Resistance! Timber -- Robocup's camp!
Half without bargaining! On the roofs of buildings,
They want to plan something, they want to straighten something!
Look from the top of scaffolding, you can not see the road to profit!
Without cunning! Do not see pensions, pensions can not see
In this picture - no respect, no insurance!
Withdrawals as a scratch cut, as the head cutted by the sword!
Anorexic pocket, stack sacrifices,
Without leave and tour!
Sleepy! Their work does not let sleep!
Eliminated! Los unevenly gave!
Some people are not able to take a major momentum!
Some do not want to know! Rather than lie can stand vertically!
And those who have intentions, their chance is sinking!
Created to live in the backgroound! Biting a piece of bread somewhere on the train!
Falling in agony! Weather for the rich is not on their side!
But not all! Not everyone here gone cold, although
Wages are not sufficient to sta fucking life!
Sometimes cold, your hands get cold but dignity won't freeze.

When the sound of broken glass wake up us
When they pass the moat, and seized the gates
We have something they won't take
When a thick fog obscures sight
We have our treasures
We have something they won't take

You cut the road weary Polish car but in head a battle!
Reality is not velvet, race!
To endure here you'll move away your children from the mouth
Descendants of people with no names, no position!
Shy, when there is nothing to boast of!
Kid gets a psychic impression from the buddies who have knitted parents!
Who try, how they are perceive in the city!
For racial higher, exalted achievements!
Father wears stiff neck and lifted head and face of the stone and mocking smile!
Pig at the trough does not differ from him! And sometimes different!
But do not overboard in business, as president, chief,
Who came to rest in their dream zones!
On the main forum, where the mass lists the sponsors and good ones.
And the thieves, who on Monday contradicted their ideas!
Hey! Vermin do on your soil! People know you,
Only that connects me and you, but be aware
For them, you are nobody, justice will get you as viking
Take from your daughter this record, listen to this music!
When these gentlemen from the dark come after debts cars and take it all!
We have something that is for sure, treasure that they can not reach!
These are treasures that they can not reach!
Treasures that they can not reach!
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