Mike Candys & Evelyn feat Patrick Miller - One Night In Ibiza (Official Video)

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Nouveau Tube de MIKE CANDYS sur Itunes http://itunes.apple.com/fr/album/one-night-in-ibiza-remixes/id453211016

Actuellement 2 éme des Ventes en Allemagne ..

Retrouvez son dernier DJ set de 2 heures pour Party FUN sur

Album prévu Fin 2011 !!

Switzerlands biggest dance export presents his first single taken from his upcoming artist album 'Smile' to be released in Summer 2011 including the hits 'Insomnia','Together Again' and 10 brandnew songs.
'One Night In Ibiza' follows the worldwide #1 dance hit 'Together Again', again with Evelyn Zangger on vocals and featuring Patrick Miller doing the rhymes.
Mike Candys has become one of the most important Electro House producers in and from Switzerland with international recognition and an ever growing fanbase all around the globe. He not only produces fantastic dance tracks but is also a much wanted performer and successfully runs his own label Wombat Music, on which most of his tracks are released with.

Put on a smile and be happy

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