DJ Shah feat. Inger Hansen - Don't wake me up (Official Music Video)

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Prepare for the summer with "Don't wake me up", the lush sunny vocal track by DJ Shah featuring Inger Hansen!

With the top 5 position in the Dutch Singles chart, with 'Armin van Buuren & DJ Shah feat Chris Jones - Going Wrong', in his pocket it is time for the first single single release of DJ Shah himself: 'Don't wake me up'. DJ Shah teamed up with the German singer Inger Hansen to deliver this lovely track, produced in DJ Shah's signature Balearic style.

'Don't wake me up' is the first single of DJ Shah's artist album, Song Book, which has just been released at Armada Music. Song book is a double CD with both lounge as dance music with beautiful collaborations of DJ Shah and a range of artists like Jan Johnston and Kelly Llorenna, the singer of one of the biggest dance tracks ever: 'N-Trance - Set You Free'.

Directed by Hugo Keijzer (Corrino Media Group)
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Dodano: 30-05-2009 19:37 (1 głos) 5.0

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