A.M.R feat Ai Takekawa - Beyond The Moon (Official Music Video)

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Release date: 18-Mar-2013
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This record is what repeat buttons were made for..

Doha based producer A.M.R renders his return to the Alter Ego stables after a hefty break and reintroduces himself with the simply stunning Beyond The Moon featuring Ai Takekawa on vocals! A record that will take you away from wherever you are or whatever you are doing, a truly sincere piece of music!

In the wings providing remixes are Australian maestro Pierre In The Air, Orbion and AWD who all do the original justice and apply their own magic to Beyond The Moon!

The original mix is an intelligent and highly graceful production, fusing emotive themes and Ai Takekawa's delicate and serene vocal tones! With a breakdown that will make you melt A.M.R introduces some gorgeous ethnic pipes coupled with Ai's truly insatiable vocal harmonies! Pure tones from the duo that will leave you hitting the repeat button all day long! Don't miss this one!

Pierre In The Air puts his own twist on Beyond The Moon with a dreamy Balearic styled rendition that will work well in those sun-kissed beach bars!

Orbion lifts the energy right up in the air with his air tight uplifting mix, adding a pinch of bass and a table spoon of bliss! Hair raising melodies injected from the original along with the beautiful vocals makes this mix a winner!

AWD completes the single with his full on banging progressive mix, taking no prisoners with some seriously furious undertones!!
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