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Norge whitewater paradise

Agata Dymna
Agata Dymna
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Follow the SBP boys & substantial media house on a month and a half trip through Norway. There's nothing like this country in terms of high quality whitewater without extensive driving!!! Norway is unbeatable!

Also make sure to check out the real Norway episode and tons of other sick videos at:

Principal footage: Gerd Serrasolses, Evan Garcia & Fred Norquist.
Additional footage: Anton Immer, Adrian Kiernan, Josh Neilson, Alicia Casas, Aniol Serrasolses
Recorded with: Canon 7D & Go Pro HD2
Featuring: Gerd & Aniol Serrasolses, Evan Garcia, Fred Norquist, Anton Immler, Mathias Fossum, Mikael Gillis.

Special thanks:
SUBSTANTIAL MEDIA HOUSE: For providing us a lot of this sick footage and let us use it for this video and mostly for all the good times we had paddling and traveling together.
Mathias Fossum : For being a bad ass, let us use his van and show us all around the best whitewater in Norway.
Martin Vollen: For his hospitality and good vibes with all of us, thank you bro!!!
Evelyn Borge, Benjamin Hjort, Erik Martinsen
Kategoria: Sport
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Dodano: 11-06-2015 09:41 (1 głos) 5.0

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