Tom Novy feat Abigail Bailey - Runaway (Official Music Video)

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Tom Novy feat Abigail Bailey - Runaway
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Persistence, consistency and creativity. These three qualities are not often found within the music industry. But with his first single release back in 1995, called 'I House You', German top dj and producer Tom Novy is one of the few that really does own them. His unique, dance orientated tracks always contain his typical sound, which is a blend of dance, house and funk that makes the dancefloors around the world tremble.

Mainly caused by his summer hit 'Your Body', which reached the top 10 of UK's 2005 chart, Tom Novy has grown out to be one of the big guys in dance world. All the major house jocks spin his music, from Pete Tong to Roger Sanchez and Eric Morillo to Carl Cox.

Three summers and many banging tracks later, Tom had another success with his remix of 'Rhythm is a Dancer', which managed to shake and awake the dj world with a number one position of worlds leading dance music downloadportal The remix of the Snap classic turns out to be the perfect warm up for this summers/festivals/vacation hit of this year: Runaway.

With this exceedingly strong vocal house track which most likely will be stuck in your head Tom Novy, teamed up with English singer Abigail Bailey, will bring summer spirit to all.
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