Fabio XB feat. Yves De Lacroix - Close To The Stars (Official Music Video)

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Listen on Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/0ZvU4MbeunoI2XOH8oUlAZ
Download on iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/S107032
Download on Beatport: http://bit.ly/XBStars

Fabio Carrara is a producer with many faces. Under the cloak of more than 10 aliases, this multifaceted Italian DJ/producer has been reaching out to the dance scene. Whether under his Alex Bartlett or Fabio XB moniker, he'll give you a look -- and listen -- of quality waves of sound. Be it techno-influences with trance or a housy-touch up of progressive, Fabio controls them all.

After last year's outstanding 'Inside Of You', a collab with Ronnie Play and Gabriel Cage, Fabio teams up with Yves De Lacroix for his latest offering 'Close To The Stars'. This track is a stellar balancing act of deep and uplifting trance, falling into mesmerizing female vocals.

'Close To The Stars' comes with an extra set of supreme remixes, for all those in need of even more diversity. The Matt Loki remix focuses on the vocals, enforced with a scintillating piano line. German producer Jerome Isma-Ae sat down by the deeper end, comprising full speed percussion loops, a powerful baseline and short melodic intermezzo. Hungary's fastest rising stars, Myon & Shane 54, give both the tempo and euphoric-o-meter a notable nudge on their remix of 'Close To The Stars'.
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Dodano: 17-11-2010 15:19 (2 głosy) 5.0

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