SEREBRO - Chocolate (Official Video)

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Tomek B
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SEREBRO - Chocolate (Official Video) out now.
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Girls are back. Serebro are back. Hotter than ever... Sweeter than chocolate... Softer than a macaron... They made our head spin with “Mama Lover”’s car, repeated us a thousand times “Mi Mi Mi” (which did it to Hollywood and is included in the soundtrack of 3 huge productions), threw us a sweet “Kiss”... Our fave Russians are in the not-so-secret dreams of boys and girls everywhere in the world. Their videos were seen over 150.000.000 times.
Who doesn’t like “Chocolate”? We do like it. We like it a lot...

Written by Maxim Fadeev/ Olga Seryabkina

Directed by Irma Po

DOP: Savvy Fadeev, Eugene Kuritsin, Nikolay Slobodchikov

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