Lindsey Stirling - On the Floor Take Three

kaczor1 Hhhh
kaczor1 Hhhh
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//This is a cut from original music video by Lindsey Stirling, just without first and last 30 sec, so you can listen music day and night.//

The music production for this video was done by my friend Elton Luz.
You can contact him at his website down below.

I have Sheet Music available:
and subscriby-scribe to my channel for more music and random dancing!

Find me on facebook :)

And... I'd love to be twitter friends :)!/LindseyStirling

This song is cover a mashup between Jennifer Lopez: On the Floor; Jason Derulo: Don't Wanna Go Home; Brittany Spears: Till The World Ends; and Lady Gaga Telephone.
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