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Paul Kalkbrenner - The Florian Trilogy (Cloud Rider - Mothertrucker - Feed Your Head)

Dariusz Debever
Dariusz Debever
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For Isabella Amelie. #PK7 is out

FLORIAN was written by Creative Directors Alexander Nowak and Felix Richter of advertising agency Droga5 New York, and directed by Bjoern Ruehmann of Furlined. FLORIAN is the first music video project that Droga5 has undertaken.

The film’s story is meant to parallel the peculiar outsider role of techno dance music in the US. The film is accompanied by three tracks from the forthcoming 7, ‘Cloud Rider’, ‘Mothertrucker’ and ‘Feed Your Head’.

Kalkbrenner’s new album is both a continuation and evolution of the singular style that has seen the Berlin techno artist amass millions of fans world-wide. After signing with Columbia | Sony International Paul was the first act to ever be given access to the master vaults and tapes of Sony and Columbia. Paul used vocals from D-Train (Cloud Rider) and is the first artist to ever officially use the sample vocals from Jefferson Airplane (Feed Your Head) and Luther Vandross on 7.

Music video by Paul Kalkbrenner performing The Florian Trilogy (Cloud Rider - Mothertrucker - Feed Your Head). (C) 2015 Paul Kalkbrenner under exclusive license to Sony Music Entertainment International Limited
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