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Agata Dymna
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Welcome to the View from Above! A series that takes you on a Journey to some of the most beautiful places on earth!

The country of Poland is a magnificent location planted in the centre of Europe. Medieval architecture and beautiful mountains frame the wonderful people and their traditional Polish culture. Walk the sombre war-monuments, eat traditional Polish foods, hike the amazing Polish cliffs, and then ski back down. Poland is uniquely shot from above with unmanned DJI drones mounted with the best GoPro cameras.

Poland was inhabited by Slavic tribes at its earliest stages, who were converted to Christianity when the religion spread from Rome. The medieval Piast dynasty unified the country into what can be recognised as the early Polish state, but was often at the centre of many continent wide conflicts. The Jagiellon dynasty, which existed during the age of Renaissance in the rest of Europe, was constantly at war with the Teutonic knights and various other Prussian and Slavic states. The Poles eventually gained some hegemony in the region after forming an alliance with Lithuania. The Polish Empire stood tall until affected by Christian segmentation and the development of modern government after which the country fell apart and was ruled by a number of other empires. Poland’s sovereignty was only fully restored after WWI, but this did not last long as Germany attacked Poland in WWII. Poland suffered the most at the hands of the Nazi’s, and again suffered economical setbacks and civil unrest at the hands of the Soviets, but now, many years on, the country is a trendy and modern beacon in eastern central Europe.

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, represents the country’s trend and modernity, but not without its historical ties. Marvel at the typical baroque architecture of the Old Town before taking a stroll through the Lazienki Park. Warsaw is a terrific city to walk through, but also ensure you walk into the Warsaw Uprising museum. Head to the trendy Zlote Tarasy shopping centre for some retail therapy, or eat traditional Polish sausage and smoked cheese from one of the older markets.

Krakow is as popular as Warsaw as a tourist destination, but it is also home to a few more mournful landmarks. The well-known Auschwitz-Berkenau State Museum is visited by thousands of people who pay tribute to the horrors endured during the dark years of Nazi occupation. Visitors should also travel to the city’s Historic Centre as well as the Church of the Virgin Mary.

Outside, Krakow lies the beautiful Tatra Mountains that can either be hiked in the warm, green scented summer, or skied in the cold and icy winter. With legendary peaks like Kasprowy Wierch and Giewont, and stunning valleys and lakes like Chocholowska Valley and Morskie Oko (Eye of the Sea), the Tatra Mountains are a photographer’s dream. Be sure to visit the famous Tatra church if you’re visiting.

Poland would not be as strong a nation today without its access to the Baltic Sea. An important trade hub, the city of Gdansk was subject to many wars between German and Polish sovereignty. Gdansk has a charming ‘old quarter’ through which visitors can walk, shop and eat, but they really should head to the area of Oliwa to visit the famous Park, Zoo and Cathedral. Otherwise just head to the coast and walk along a few of Poland’s famous beaches, none more so than Leba which could almost rival Ibiza on a good day (almost).

Poland’s rich history is nearly forgotten when playing in its beautiful countryside, but walking its historical and cultural streets and markets allows the visitor to marvel at the tenacity of the Polish people. Poland is an inspirational destination indeed!

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This amazing video was shot and edited by:
Szymon Kuriata

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