13 Strange and Amazing Places in Norway

Magdalena Mezgier
Magdalena Mezgier
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From odd fjords and statues, to the strangest Norwegian Ice Caves; These are 13 STRANGE and AMAZING Places in Norway !

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13. Vigeland Art Installation

12. Atlantic Ocean Road --video blocks

11. Sverd i Fjell

10. Preikestolen Cliff

9. Kjeragbolten

8. Nigardsbreen Ice Cave

7. Polaria

6. Torghatten

5. Visnes Statue of Liberty
Take a look at this photo of lady liberty standing tall with all her might. She’s well known as a symbol of freedom, and has welcomed foreign immigrants into the United States. But hold on a minute! What’s she doing in Norway!? Turns out, Lady Liberty isn’t 100 percent American or French and is actually 100 percent Norwegian copper. The small town of Visnes was once home to a large deposit of copper during the construction of the statue of Liberty and this town is quite certain that the copper came from them! We asked lady liberty--- if this was true and she had no comment.

4. Norwegian Prisons
Norway is a country which is high on human rights, they’ve even banned walmart from their country due to questions about where they get their products. So it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Norwegian Prisons are some of the best in the world! Some might even have more accommodations than luxury hotels! Here in this photo taken at Skien prison, you notice a private bathroom and shower to the right and a decent flat screen to the left, and really looks more like a dorm room than a prison cell. There’s even been a case, where an american was caught smuggling drugs in Norway and they refused to send him back the US, since they considered our prisons to be inhumane! Other amenities include, playstations, private gyms, internet access, and kitchens. Norway still doesn’t have a lot of crime and with only 5 million residents, they just don’t have a ton of people to lock up!

3. Urnes Stave Church
You might be thinking to yourself hey, what’s so strange and amazing about a church in Europe! We see those all the time! Well this isn’t just any old church in Europe, this is one of the first churchs actually built by the Vikings and unlike many churches in Europe you're accustomed to seeing like the Notre Dame, this one is made out of wood! It shows extremely detailed wooden carvings on the walls and throughout the doors. This is situated alongside a picturesque fjord and has been around since the 12 century AD.

2. Oscarsborg Fortress
Norse historay isn’t just limited to vikings, they also played an interesting role in world war II as were about to see. This is situated on two small islands and it’s well known for shooting down a heavy german cruiser in April of 1940. The Norwegian Fjords prove to be excellent places for placing naval ships, however the fort had outdated weaponry and Norway became under Nazi occupation the next month. You can still see parts of the torpedos that were once stored here and 28 cm guns that pointed east. Don’t forget to explore the underground bunkers made of reinforced concrete and the old barracks that were built in 1893

The strangest place in Norway has to be the completely abandoned settlement of Pyramiden located on the Norwegian territory of Svalbard to the North! The soviet arctic ghost town was once prosperous due to large coal deposits in the area but now that the coal is gone since 1998, so are the people. However, Norway has been hoping to turn this into somewhat of a tourist attraction. Not being situated to far from the regional capital of Longyearbyen, it’s a quick hour ride by snowmobile or a few hours by dogsled. If you do decide to come here be sure to dress warm and try not to get too spooked out by all the abandoned things here!
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