NORWAY. Landscapes. A photographic portrait by Hanne Malat & Frank van Groen

Agata Dymna
Agata Dymna
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The photographer couple Hanne Malat and Frank van Groen take us on an adventure through the diverse landscapes of Norway away from the main tourist trails. The photographs deliver amazing, unexpected insights into the raw and unspoiled nature of this nordic country.
At the beginning of each chapter, excerpts of the couple’s travel diary both in German and English and personal snapshots let us take part in their journey. Thus, we get to experience not only the spectacular landscapes on photograph, but also the emotions behind the images.
The large-format landscape stills were photographed over the course of five years, between 2008 and 2012, on a total of seven trips, in different regions and seasons.
Kategoria: Podróże
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Dodano: 30-11-2015 12:11 (4 głosy) 5.0

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