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Magdalena Mezgier
Magdalena Mezgier
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When you find yourself with a layover for an extended period of time in Bergen, Norway, consider it just one more opportunity for adventure during your travels. Why spend hours in the airport terminal when you could be exploring Bergen in a day? The Bergen Airport is conveniently just 10 miles southwest of the city center, which means you can paint the town red in between flights.

Bergen sits on the western coast of Norway, surrounded by the Seven Mountains. It’s a rugged, scenic city that overlooks the North Sea. When you’re trying to decide what to see in Bergen first, consider taking a hike to the top of Mount Floyen. The summit boasts spectacular views of the city and fjords—the famous Norwegian inlets formed by glacier erosion. Next, pay a visit to Nordness Park. Here you’ll find the totem pole, a gift given by Seattle, Bergen’s sister city. While you’re in town, catch a performance at the magnificent Den Nationale Scene, which is Norway’s largest theater, and then round out 24 hours in Bergen with a stop at the historical harbor of Bryggen.

Whether you’re looking for some fresh air outside of the airport or yearning for an adventure, scenic Bergen is the place to explore. During your next layover, break free from the terminal and experience the Norwegian coast before your next flight.


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