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Bat For Lashes - Laura (Tempest, Minitaur, Ableton Live Remix)

Ida Sierpniowa
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Unmixed/mastered live performance of the Bat For Lashes track Laura using:
DSI Tempest
Moog Minitaur
Ableton Live
Evolution UC-33

Ableton is:
Playing back the Laura samples I created before hand, a bongo loop, sending midi notes to the Minitaur, and one Operator patch to add some spice to the pads in the chorus.

Samples were created using only the original track.

A little bit about the syncing....

The most important thing is setting the Midi Clock Sync Delay for the Tempest in your Ableton Midi Prefs to compensate for the lag. After that, enable the click on both Ableton and the Tempest, and adjust the Midi Clock Sync Delay (in Abletons MIDI Prefs) for the Tempest a little, start the track, stop, adjust and repeat. Your aim is to obviously get the clicks as synced as possible. Depending on the Tempest OS, tweaking your beats or switching beats may cause it to lag alittle more.
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