Sweatshop - Deadly Fashion (Trailer)

Agata Dymna
Agata Dymna
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Watch all episodes (both in english and spanish) at aptv.no
Engelish: http://go.ap.no/deadlyfashion
Spanish: http://www.aftenposten.no/webtv/serier-og-programmer/sweatshop-moda-barata-de-la-muerte/

Contact: joakimkleven@hotmail.no

Director and editor: Joakim Kleven
Camera: Stig Inderbø
Producer: Pål Karlsen
Subject advisors: Carin Leffler & Anne Kari Garberg
With: Ludvig Hambro, Anniken Jørgensen & Frida Ottesen
Local coordinator: Oudom Tat
Music: Adrian Kleven (Adriklè) (http://soundcloud.com/adrikle)
Produced by Lopta AS
Based on an idea from Framtiden i Våre Hender
Produced with financial support from NORAD
Executive producer Aftenposten TV: Jonas Brenna

"We really wanted to create a series that got the norwegian youth to think about who’s making their clothes. The teenagers in Norway use extreme amount of money on clothes, but no one really knows where they’re made. The fashion and garment industry is an eternal topic of concern, it is something that concerns us all- because we all buy and use clothes all the time! Me and my team wanted to create a series that got people to react, and they did!

A lot of people shared the series, which has resulted in several clothing brands based in Norway to feel the pressure to make a change. Especially one of the largest clothing brands, H&M.
Anniken who is one of the three teenagers in the series, used her blog to speak out about what happened in Cambodia and saying that she wanted to meet H&M. It was certainly not easy, but at last she got a meeting with H&M Norway and told them how her experience was in Cambodia and what she feel H&M should do to make it better. Here in Norway, the garment industry in Asia has been admitted as a topic in the parliament due to «Sweatshop».

The series has now over 1.5 million views and has not only created much debate in Norway, but also in countries like Spain, Begium, Mexico and Argentina. So it is obvious that there is a huge interest among teenagers (and adults) in both Norway (and the world) about this topic. We do not accept the living conditions of the garment workers, therefore it is the clothing brands who now has the responsibility to make something happen. The people have spoken, they do not accept deadly fashion!"
- Joakim Kleven
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