Man vs Wild | Season 6 Episode 3 - "Norway: Edge of Survival"

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Man vs Wild | Season 6 Episode 3 - "Norway: Edge of Survival"
The following is a list of episodes of Man vs. Wild, broadcast by Discovery Channel in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil India and Europe. The show is called Born Survivor in parts of Europe, including the UK, where it was originally broadcast by Channel 4, but latterly moved to Discovery Channel UK. In Africa and Asia, it is titled Ultimate Survival and again, broadcast by Discovery Channel. In Bulgaria, the show is called Оцеляване на Предела, which is a translated title to Ultimate Survival.

Season 6 Overview:
Episodes: 6
Season premiere: February 17, 2011
Season finale: March 24, 2011
Specials: 0

Infomation of Man vs Wild | Season 6 Episode 3 - "Norway: Edge of Survival":

No in series: 58
No in episode: 3
Title: "Norway" "Norway: Edge of Survival"
Survival expert(s): Andrew Wood
Original air date: March 3, 2011
More info: In Scotland off the rugged coast of Cape Wrath, Bear is dropped into open ocean. After getting ashore, he realises he's on an island and must swim to the mainland. Bear fashions a wetsuit from a seal's hide to withstand the frigid crossing. Well into the trek, he is forced to turn back as an incoming estuary tide nearly cuts him off. After he makes it to dry land, Bear has a close call with the steep treacherous Scottish rock terrain.
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