Röyksopp "The Alcoholic" video competition winner

peter pan
peter pan
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From the Röyksopp Genero.tv video competition

lluismiras just pips it as a winner though, capturing brilliantly the Royksopp sense of the bizarre within the mundane. This well shot piece has good narrative and story telling is simple but effective, the use of detail close up shots create a real anticipation and add to the feeling of sinister overtones. The light and the colours really help this clip standout but it is the slight twist as the women begin to dance that is the real pay off in this video that just makes it Royksopp. This is also our choice as the overall winner, so lluismiras will receive the $3,000 prize.
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Dodano: 05-02-2011 11:59 (0 głosów) 0.0

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