Calvin Russell, Soldier, HD version, Live @ Contrabendo

R. Zawojak
R. Zawojak
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Shortly after this recording was done, Calvin Russell died, leaving his old and new fans saddened.
I count myself among those new fans, having discovered this artist with the Contrabendo CD+DVD (my first music purchase in two years), and I REALLY regret I didn't discover this true bluesman and rocker earlier.

If there's a chance, he's leaving a wife behind, please, try to purchase some of his art?
Contrabendo is an AMAZING disc, bundled with CD and DVD, and it doesn't belong to Universal or some other fucking Big Company.

Soldier is my favorite song of the lot, so, here it is, in HD quality. Enjoy, and remember, support the REAL artists while they're still alive :)

EDIT and UPDTATE: apologies I only add this information many years after the video was uploaded, here is the information I have on the musicians, taken from the CD's internal print: besides Calvin Russell, and for the entire album (no Soldier-specific information was available), there are Jeff Gautier (drums), Fred Payonne (bass), Eric Sauviat (guitar, vocal), Gabriel (Gabe) Rhodes (guitar), and Markus Bommer (keyboards, vocal). Paul Personne plays in the disc, but not in that song, in another one, Behind The 8 Ball.
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