Snoop Dogg - Smokin' Smokin' Weed (lyrics at description )

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Smokin Smokin Weed
Havin a party (Bring the weed)
I'ma invite her
I got my lighter (Got a blunt)
I'm gettin higher
Smokin smokin weed

Jumped out my bed and I head downstairs
Wiped the boogers out my eyes
Put some braids in my hair
Grabbed my favorite toothbrush
And then some crest
Rinse my mouth out
Now I'm ready for the rest
Break it down, roll it up
Pass if you had enough
You with the big boss dogg
So gon and puff puff
Real talk
Can u still walk
Have a seat
Have a drink
Now rest your feet
See that's the problem
You think that you can go with me
Smokin cest your whole life
Now you wanna blow wit me
Go to the store with me
And get some swishy sweet
And grab a bite to eat
Before you fall out
I'ma ball out
And everday
We gon smoke until we all out
And that's a promise cuz
We got the bombest bud
And you can ask Ray J
He know what time it was

(Smokin smokin weed)
In the cadillac
With my head back
Feelin real good
Cuz it's like that
Another 20 sac
We got plenty that
We keep doin that

Smokin smokin weed
(la la la la la la la...)
Smokin on these trees
keeps me at ease
With these
Crazy things I see
Smokin on these trees
keeps me iit seems
And I dont just where I'd be
Smokin Weed!

Smokin Smokin Weed
Havin a party (Bring the weed)
I'ma invite her
I got my lighter (Got a blunt)
I'm gettin higher
Wish you would pass it (guess i'll wait)
I'm right beside her
I got an ashtray (at my place)
Where did my pipe go?

So what you got nigga? (knockout)
I got the cush and the yerp
Packaged in Ps to keep the feds of my chirp
Uhh cuz my nerves on alert
Paranoid like your boy cookin up the work
(Smokin smokin weed)
Look pimpin I aint touchin that dirt
I aint smokin that shit
It make your whole head hurt
I got the card for the cataract
Doctor say it's legal
To twist up green
Call it Philadel eagle (shortymack)
Knockout pays me my check
Silver haze blowin out the lambourghini air vents
I got the blunts and a pound of leaves
I been the purp man plus I got that OG

[Ray J:]
(I wanna)
Roll it, roll it
Twist that, twist that
(I wanna)
Fire it up
Then get that, get that
(I wanna)
Pass it around
Get bent back bent back
Give it back to me!


[Slim Thug:]
(Slim Thugga Muh Fugga)
Blaze in the bush of that cush
You gotta pull hard then push
I blow dro but to each his own
And I keep shit fit like Cheech and Chong
We can be outta town
We can be at home
I keep a good connect for that Cali grown
Weed so strong you can smell it through the sac
Its in the backpack in the trunk of the 'lac
It's a buck that's a fact
Won't accept nothin less
So you can smoke alone
On your sack of stress (yes)
Pass the cush
Lemme hit that next
Slim thugga muh fugga
I smoke the best


ha ha it's your boy Ray J
you know what? I'ma roll up one right now
And celebrate a lil bit
You know Raydiation in stores right now
Yall go get it
Shortymack comin real soon
It's about to get ugly
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