• Norway and Iceland

    Norway and Iceland

    "Nord" is an aerial adventure that was captured entirely on Drone. All footage was captured during a summer trip to Norway and Iceland in august 2016. Despite some weather and timing problems (we really wanted to see everything at once since this is our first trip in such a picturesque paradise) I'm looking forward for a second trip to enjoy the sunsets, auroras, take some hikes in the mountains, shoot some timelapses and make a selfie with a puffin. Drone : Phantom 4 Music : Clint...
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  • An Aerial Perspective of Nordland

    An Aerial Perspective of Nordland

    I have recently returned from two trips to the Nordland region of Norway, specifically Lofoten. This time of the year is influenced by the Midnight Sun or Midnattsol. The days don't end with the sun never disappearing below the horizon. I always wondered what it would be like to fly around and film these mountains when I first visited this place and on this trip I finally got the opportunity to do so. Along with fellow drone pilot Alan Mathieson from Outback Drones I have put together a...
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  • Nordhordland - Norway

    Nordhordland - Norway

    Please watch in HD (full screen) for optimal experience! A film for everyone that loves Nordhordland and Norway! All scenes in this film are from my local area, just north of Bergen in Hordaland county. I have used more than one year to get the necessary shots. More than 11100 photos was requried to make the six minutes with film. I hope this film shows the variety and beauty of my local area, Nordhordland, as it deserves! Thanks for watching! New followers on facebook are much...
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  • Spektakulær film av Norge på langs: - Folk blir rørt til tårer

    Spektakulær film av Norge på langs: - Folk blir rørt til tårer

    SPEKTAKULÆRT: Videoen av Norge på langs vekker store følelser hos folk, ifølge regissør Grim Berge. Sammen med Visit Norway har de laget en spektakulær film for å lokke turister til landet, og for at nordmenn skal gjenoppdage Norge. Video: Natural Lights / www.nle.earth / Visit Norway Les hele saken her: http://www.dagbladet.no/kultur/67511571
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  • BergenByNight


    This is a Timelapse video i have made of Bergen, i whanted to show of the city at night when all the lights come to life. Gear: i shot mostly on 7ds but also had a canon t2i for some of the shots i used a manfrotto prob055 tripod witch worked perfectly and for motion i used the Dynamic perception stage zero dolly Lenses: 30 mm sigma 1.4 canon 8-15 mm f4 L canon 70-200 f2.8 L music i found on Soundcloud, all rights too the music is to John Doe OMG on soundcloud link to where you...
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  • Click, Click, Click | Bergen

    Click, Click, Click | Bergen

    My first timelapse movie. I live in Bergen, Norway, and this is my little tribute to this beautiful city. I started on this project in January 2013, and after a lot of waiting for good weather, for bad weather (ok, didn’t have to wait long for that), waiting for snow, the northern light, the moon (and the list goes on), I feel I’ve captured Bergen how I wanted to when I took my first steps into the movie and timelapse world. Bergen is a small city on the west coast of Norway. Even though...
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  • Svalbard - The High Arctic

    Svalbard - The High Arctic

    UPDATE: I'll be in Svalbard again in the summer of 2018 - the same time of year this video was shot, partnered up with Icelandic nature photographer Daniel Bergmann: http://www.danielbergmann.com/workshops/2018-svalbard-expedition Why not join us and experience this for yourself? A short film showing off the majesty of the landscape of the high Arctic. Experience stunning aerial footage over sea ice, ice caps and glaciers as well as stunning mountain landscapes. See what it's like to...
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  • Norway: Into the Arctic 4K

    Norway: Into the Arctic 4K

    A few months ago one of my best friends says, "Hey, flights to Norway are really inexpensive. You guys want to go?” After pondering this for 15 seconds I said yes. From there friends were added, an additional flight to the arctic circle area of the Lofoten Islands was planned and many cameras were packed in bags. Here you will find 3 minutes distilled from over six and a half hours of real-time footage I took. I couldn’t stop filming. It was one of the most epic trips of my life. The most...
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  • Norway from Above 2

    Norway from Above 2

    Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more: https://www.facebook.com/exploringnorway/ https://www.instagram.com/explorerofnorway/ Music: Nature Roaring by Petter Rong Check out his site: https://www.facebook.com/rsvmusic/ *All shots taken in this film in national parks and reservats are taken with permission from the authorities.
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  • Northern Norway - 4K Timelapse

    Northern Norway - 4K Timelapse

    Northern Norway - 4K Timelapse !!NO COMMERCIAL USE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!! Please watch in HD / 4K with good speakers for optimal experience. This is a time-lapse video resulting from a 2000km long road trip and tens of thousands of photos taken along the way, starting on the very tip of Lofoten 'Værøy' , through Lofoten, Andøya and finally Senja. My goal was to create a short time-lapse film showing how beautiful and dramatic Norwegian nature can be. All the locations from the...
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  • NORWAY - a great Holiday trip

    NORWAY - a great Holiday trip

    DJI Phantom 4 & DJI OSMO X3 4K D-Log image. Edit: FCPX. Rous - Skylight (Feat. Notelle) by RousOfficial https://soundcloud.com/rous-2 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... The Him - Feels Like Home (feat. Son Mieux) https://soundcloud.com/thehim https://www.facebook.com/TheHimOfficial https://twitter.com/thehimofficial https://www.instagram.com/TheHimOffic... Son Mieux https://soundcloud.com/son-mieux...
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  • The Lofoten Islands

    The Lofoten Islands

    ----- Please watch in full screen with sound on for best experience. This film is available in 4K - click the HD button and select 4K to view in 4K. Enjoy! ----- Μy last trip to Norway during February, 2017. The Lofoten Archipelago is spread on the northwest side of Norway, very close to the borders of the Arctic Circle. It is a cluster of small fishing villages and is often called “the Foot of the lynx” because of its shape. The islands are full of legends, maybe because of their natural...
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  • Mystic Norway

    Mystic Norway

    This time-lapse was shot above the Arctic Circle in North Norway this summer. I cycled for two months and two thousand kilometers with the bike you see at the end credits. My route went across rugged Finnmark all the way to the amazing Lofoten Islands. The first weeks of the journey in June were cold and cloudy, and temperatures above 10C (50F) were rare. In July it got warmer and the sun started to appear more. So the sequence in the video fairly accurately describes the actual experience...
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  • Memories From Norway

    Memories From Norway

    While traveling 2 weeks in Norway, we documented this incredible country and discovered an endless variety of views, changing topography & breathtaking landscapes. Road tripping just the two of us with a camera, all the way from Oslo in the south, through the Kjerag, Trolltunga, Nigardsbreen and up to the Atlantic Road - Here are some memories from our journey. Filmed with Canon 6D \ Lenses: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM , Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Edited by Chen Orr Color Graded by Alon...
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  • Lofoten. One Flew over Norway

    Lofoten. One Flew over Norway

    Shortest daylight hours and strong wind – it's a Lofoten Islands in January. Filmed with multicopter and GoPro 3+ BE. Aerial cinematography: Igor Byrko – https://www.facebook.com/ibyrko Music: Richard Havstein Melkersen – https://www.facebook.com/richard.h.melkersen Film locations: Å, Moskenes, Reine, Hamnøy, Kubbholmleia near the Fredvang, Bøvatnet lake, Gimsøystraumen Bridge, Steinøya near the Henningsvær, Svolvær, Sildpollnes Church, Kinnarvika, Holdøya, Storvatnet lake,...
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  • SEASONS of NORWAY - A Time-Lapse Adventure

    SEASONS of NORWAY - A Time-Lapse Adventure

    With its imposing mountains, endless plateaus and echoing valleys, Norway is a country where nature takes the lead. Using time-lapse, this film attempts to capture the ebb and flow of the seasons and is a result of one year of planning, a second year of shooting and four months of editing.   20,000 kilometers have been travelled, 200,000 photos taken and 20 terabytes worth of hard drives filled. Months have been spent hiking through the mountains, sleeping in tents and travelling through the...
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  • Norway


    Some shots I took on our trip to Norway. Quite an adventure at times - especially for flying a Drone! Constant weather changes, strong winds, sporadic showers, and always evolving lighting conditions couldn't make these shots more dramatic to film :D We used to listen Aurora's album for 90% of the trip so it only made sense to use a part of her song for soundtrack: https://itun.es/us/JAAI_?i=1065985714 Norway is like a whole other universe and we were happy to travel it! I only wish I...
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  • NORWAY Let the journey be your goal

    NORWAY Let the journey be your goal

    A small impression of our 2 week vacation in beautiful Norway. Camera & Editing by Pasquale Baseotto Samsung NX1 + Yuneec drone Graded with LUT Buddy and Red Giant LOOKS More info: https://www.visitnorway.nl/
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  • VALDRES - A Norwegian Landscape Time-Lapse

    VALDRES - A Norwegian Landscape Time-Lapse

    facebook.com/RustadMedia. Please watch in HD with headphones or good speakers for the best experience! NORWEGIAN: Denne sommeren var jeg så heldig å kunne jobbe og bo i Valdes. Mens jeg bodde her, lagde jeg denne time-lapse filmen av den nærliggende naturen og landskapet. Filmen er konsentrert rundt tettstedet Slidre, hvor jeg bodde, men viser også andre områder som Vang og Fagernes. To måneder og tusenvis av bilder gikk med til produksjonen av denne filmen. Høyoppløselige print...
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  • Transformation - Bergen & Geilo

    Transformation - Bergen & Geilo

    This is my first collection of the timelapses I’ve captured from January 2011 to the 18th of May 2013 in Bergen and Geilo (Norway) PLEASE WATCH IN HD, FULL SCREEN w/SOUND I’ve tried to capture how nature and the city changes from daytime to nighttime, and at the same time display the beauty of my hometown, Bergen, and my favorite holiday destination, Geilo. I started shooting timelapse in 2011, and have kept shooting as often as I can, and it has become my main obsession ever since,...
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