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Polen er nordmenns favoritt reisemål På norsk
Redakcja 22 sierpnia 2015

Polen er nordmenns favoritt reisemål

Norwegians increasingly travel to Polish cities like Warsaw, Gdansk, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan and Bydgoszcz. Why do they choose Poland as a destination?

All hotels are fully booked

In summer, Poland is attractive with its sandy beaches by the Baltic Sea and party towns like Sopot. In Sopot in August 2015 all hotels and other accommodations are fully booked. About 90 percent of guests at the Hilton Hotel in Gdansk on weekends are Norwegians. Read more about why choose Norwegians Gdansk in this article on VG.

But the big cities are also visited in the winter, even more often before Christmas when Christmas markets begin. "We are going to Warsaw at least once a year for shopping before Christmas. I buy perfumes and cosmetics for Mom and all my friends, Andreas likes to buy shoes and winter clothes here - says Anne and Andreas from Trondheim.

Shopping, SPA, hairdresser, dentist

What Norwegian customers are most pleased with is that good prices for services and goods in Poland are related to the quality. "I pay twice as much for manicure in Oslo than I paid in Sopot and was equally pleased with results - says Anette who studies medicine in Warsaw.

"Before we came here we knew nothing about Poland. We decided to take a weekend trip on a return trip with Wizzair costing 100 kroner. "says Anders from Sandefjord. Instead, Warsaw realized that it is a nice city with several shopping centers. Food and drink are sick cheap! We will certainly come here again.

Several local businesses focus on reaching Norwegians as customers, the individual has websites in Norwegian and attracts Norwegian tourists with advertising in Norwegian media, Finn.no and travel forums. "Our Norwegian passports appreciate high quality services that they can get at a good price here in Poland. They are always happy with results, and they often return with their families, "says Ewelina Antoszewska from Dental Travel Gdansk, helping Norwegians to choose a good dentist in Gdansk.

Unique sights

Culture and science palace in Warsaw, Gdansk yard, concentration camp Auschwitz in Oswiecim, Wieliczka salt mine are among historic places in Poland, which are most famous among Norwegian tourists. In Norway we can experience nature attractions, but Poland offers something completely different - world famous memorials and sights. Poland has a long and complex history with many visible tracks.

Why do not they smile in Poland?

Why do not the poles smile yet and look so sure? - asks Karianne who was in Gdansk in January 2015 - but after a while we concluded that people in Ålesund do not smile in January. Perhaps we are not so different from each other. 

photo: MN

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